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Index Web Marketing is a firm of experts in Web-communication in Montreal which ensures a visibility on Internet for your company’s image.

Index Web Marketing stands out thanks to its strong web culture and its ability to understand all aspects of a web project. When creating a website, we are not satisfied enough with a beautiful, ergonomic and functional website. We also want to make your website visible. We believe it is pointless to create a website if nobody visits it, that’s why each and every one of the websites we create are SEO friendly.

Index Web Marketing also stands out by its ability to popularize the “Internets” jargon. Because the clients know their business better than anyone, a web firm cannot take all the credit for the success of a project.  For Index Web Marketing, success will always result from the alliance of two expertises: ours and the client’s.

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Our references

These companies trusted us to develop their business through digital strategies.

Notre équipe d’experts sera toujours disponible pour répondre à vos questions.
Pour définir vos besoins en services de marketing Internet ou de conception et design de site web, contactez-nous dès maintenant.
Nos clients et partenaires couvrent 3 pays dont les États-Unis, la France et le Canada - Québec, Montréal, la Rive-Nord (Laval et les environs) et la Rive-Sud (Longueuil, Brossard, et les environs).