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Free hosting is a service that we offer as a part of our commitment to our community.

We know that lack of funds is a common problem among nonprofit organizations (NPOs), that’s why we host websites for nonprofits free of charge and without conditions. And we have been doing it since January 2011.

We are particularly open to causes such as the environment, health, education, sports, arts and culture, as well as social and political causes. If your NPO works in an area other than these, be creative in your application and we may well accept it!

We are currently hosting the following sites:

  • Meditation PC : Dr. Robert Beliveau’s website which is dedicated to the management of stress by teaching meditation and mindfulness.
  • Racketlon Canada : official Racketlon Canada website.
  • Com Média : student newspaper of the BA in Communications from the University of Montreal.

If your nonprofit wants to take advantage of this free web hosting service, please use the contact page to let us know.


These companies trusted us to develop their business through digital strategies.

While our headquarters are in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), our clients of all sizes range from multinational corporations (Canada, Brazil, USA, France, ... ) to local brands.