Honok media

Honok Media, our trusted partner in traditional and digital marketing, celebrated its 5th anniversary on Friday, May 5, 2017. The team of this “small agency that thinks big” pulled out all the stops and celebrated the occasion with a thematic happy hour party. Which theme did they choose? “Cinco de Mayo,” of course!

Sombreros, a piñata, decorated cupcakes, colored garlands, giant cacti, and live music… This party impressed! It was a boldly creative event, combining fun and excitement in a festive atmosphere. In short, the perfect party!

And it was great to see the team from Cuisine Bröder among the guests since this kitchen design company is a joint client for Honok and Index.

Huge congratulations to the organizers. Thank you for the invitation and, especially, happy anniversary to our valued and valuable partner, Honok. We look forward to continuing our work together!

cuisine broder