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5 Types of Content That Naturally Attract Links

628 SEO experts combined their knowledge resulting in a common list of the best strategies for effective link building and better SEO in 2017. Conclusion: focus on infographics, webinars and videos (optimized, of course).


How to Evaluate Your Audience Satisfaction with Google Analytics

This article from Web Rank Info explains the basics for measuring your audience with Google Analytics using 20 tips from SEO experts to show us the metrics to use to evaluate customer satisfaction. The study confirms that bounce rate, average time spent on a page, and average length of a session are the most important metrics to consider when evaluating target audience satisfaction on a website.


19 SEO Techniques to Double Your Search Traffic

On his blog, Neil Patel reveals some of the best strategies to adopt to double your search traffic as well as significantly increase brand awareness. He suggests various advanced SEO techniques to implement in order to improve your blog content and respond to your target audience.


How to Rank for “How-To” Keywords

In his video, Ross, founder of Siege Media, reveals 5 crucial steps to rank for “How-to” keywords.


A New Geolocation Service for Google Search

Google Search results now adapt to the country where you are located. If you live in Canada and you are going to Brazil for a week and you are looking for a hair salon, you will automatically receive all the hairdressers in Brazil, and the same thing occurs if you are on google.ca. This will provide you with the most relevant results for a better user experience.



In SEO, “Content Is KING!”

Laura Hampton, digital marketing manager, provides 6 strategies for creating content that attracts, engages, and converts. The key point of this article: you need to always understand your target. Your type of content will vary depending on your target. Are you writing a press release to send to journalists? Focus on the data!


How to Choose the Right Keywords for ROI

Search Engine Watch proposes 6 strategic approaches to performing an initial keyword search which help you obtain a greater amount of information while still taking into account your competition. Using these techniques will maximise your chances to increase your site’s traffic and ROI. You will no longer use Keyword Planner the same way!



Facebook Messenger 2.2


Facebook is introducing a new function, the “Customer Chat Plugin” which will be able to be integrated into your website and act as a 24/7 customer service department. This new plugin will offer possibilities for your website visitors to maintain their conversation with your business while moving from platform to platform, and device to device, without ever losing their browser history.


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Posted 24/11/2017

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