Digital Marketing Hot Topics – October 21 to 27, 2017

06.11.17 | News

Par Eva Dieudonné

Every week, our experts analyze the trends, and updates of the digital marketing world. Here is last week’s most interesting news.


Faceted Navigation: The Best Practices for SEO

Faceted navigation allows the user to customize their search based on what they are looking for on the site. This article shows the various problems of faceted navigation in terms of SEO. The author provides solutions to prevent the 3 most severe problems: content duplication, crawl budget waste, and diluted link equity.

Get Your Site’s Issues Solved with Google Search Console

Our favourite web influencer, Neil Patel, gives us a complete guide to using Google’s Search Console. Analyse the current problems on your site, fix them, and use this experience to seize other web opportunities – and all this for FREE, thanks to Google Search Console!

Artificial Intelligence & SEO: 5 Strategies to Follow!

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world of SEO. How can SEO experts survive in this new reality? The Search Engine Journal presents 5 key strategies:

  1. Optimize your keywords intelligently
  2. Use cluster analysis and predictive analytics
  3. Leverage the power of customer reviews
  4. Use customer data to predict shopper’s needs
  5. Use AI-powered chatbots to pull customers toward a sale

Using Keyword Explorer to Improve Your Keyword Research and Targeting

This week in Whiteboard Friday, Rand explains how to improve keyword research and targeting, and also provides recommendations on how to use the new Keyword Explorer function to maximize your keyword research. This tool even allows you to discover potential keywords targets that your competitors rank for.

The Best Chrome Extensions for SEOs and AdWords Professionals

In this article, the author lists the Chrome extensions that need to be installed in order to accomplish SEO and SEM tasks more quickly and efficiently. You will certainly recognize Google Tag Assistant, BuiltWith, or Moz, but the article also helps you discover the less common (but just as useful) tools such as Character Count, Keyword Everywhere, or Page Load Time.

Nofollow Links to Get More SEO Value

Sean Si, SEO specialist and blogger, shows in this article how the presence of nofollow links on your website can help generate more traffic to your pages. He presents 4 useful strategies: utilize the power of social media or low-popularity blogs, for example.


Influencer Marketing is Important to Your Online Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing is a new technique which aims at developing a relationship with an influential person and utilizing this reputation to sell your products or services. However, this strategy is based on the mutual trust between the two parties, which requires patience and rigor. This article by SpyFu shows the different steps of the process.


3 New AdWords Features

3 new AdWords features on Google AdWords are proposed in this article, in terms of:

  • Budgeting
  • The second iteration of the Google test of Ads Added by AdWords
  • Bidding to outrank competitors


Instagram: Portrait of a Media Platform

This article dates back to 2016 but allows us to review the possibilities that Instagram offers. It is a very popular platform and is commonly used by brands and other institutions to create and maintain a community. However, Instagram Ads aren’t a thing yet. Until then, you can learn useful lessons from brand success stories like l’Oreal or Peugeot, as well explore the different formats and options available on Instagram for enhancing your brand image.

See you guys next week for some new SEO/SEM tools and updates. Stay Connected!


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