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Index Web Marketing agency now offers Facebook Ads among its internet marketing services.

Why ?

Today, the great majority of advertisers choose to invest in Adwords advertisement when they want to strengthen their advertisement presence on Internet. It makes sense, this is a proven technique that continues to give excellent results. However, the advertiser should know that Facebook has developed a very advanced advertisement campaign management system which allows for more targeted campaigns. This tool is called Facebook Ads.

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How ?

Facebook advertisement relies on Facebook’s wide social network. Over 500 million people use Facebook daily. This gives access to an almost unlimited number of consumers.

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Thanks to a long list of criteria that can identify and filter out potential consumers from a large pool of Internet users, it is possible for the advertiser to target a very particular market and obtain more than satisfying results.

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When we consider your company’s different targeted clientele for the marketing of your Facebook Ads campaign, it means you can be very specific. In order to attract the clientele you want, we will require information such as the targeted region, age and sex of your consumers, their marital status, their interests, their job, their studies, etc. And since your consumer’s friends probably have similar interests, you can probably attract them as clients, too.

If you are looking to create more traffic on your website and to manage your advertising budget easily, Facebook advertisement definitely has its place in your Web marketing planning.

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If you want to learn more about Facebook Ads in order to manage your own campaigns, you can participate in our Facebook Ads training.

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