Strategies for Social Media Campaigns in Montreal

Social media campaign strategies in Montreal

Index Web Marketing makes sure that your social media strategies are the best they can be, according to your needs.

Every study shows that viral marketing has taken off at an incredible rate since 2007. Social media campaigns are even going to overtake mailing lists in communication strategies, and rightly so.

With social media rising up to the rank of true online forums, a company can no longer rely on surveys or on business magazine articles to assess the way customers perceive it. Social networks spread information very quickly and it is impossible to censor the content. As a consequence, the management of a company’s image is largely dependent on the freedom of expression of its customers. It is still possible for a business to use social media to its advantage and enhance customer perception. To promote its products and services, to build customer loyalty with Facebook, or just to influence them, a company absolutely must establish a relationship with its clientele.

Today, dozens of social media platforms have emerged. These are the most popular and exploitable:

  • Facebook (over 500 million users)
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • Blogs
  • LinkedIn
  • MySpace

Additionally, Index Web Marketing offers training sessions in the use of social media, in the organization and management of contests and in information monitoring.

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