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You’re thinking of implementing a video advertising campaign on YouTube. Find out how Index can help you.

Why ?

  • With over one billion users, YouTube has become an essential communication tool for business.
  • Posting a pre-roll ad on the number one video website, and the second search engine in the world after Google, guarantees that you will grow your business.
  • Internet users who choose to watch a video ad on YouTube are 75% more engaged than those who don’t have a choice about watching an ad. They are also four times more willing to make a purchase.

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How ?

  • Video ads appear before the other videos on YouTube, beside, or even in, search results.
  • Pre-roll is used to play an ad for five seconds before the video the user wants to see. Then the user can choose to ignore it or to view the ad in full.
  • If the user views thirty seconds of the video, or the whole video if it is less than thirty seconds, that counts as an interaction. If the user interacts with the video or the video ad, that also counts as an interaction.

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  • Growing your business: Following advertising campaigns on YouTube, our partners have seen an increase in their profitability.
  • You pay only when someone clicks on your ad. If the user decides to ignore it within 30 seconds, or before the end, you pay nothing.
  • Customization: Through selecting the video format.
  • Wide audience: Through broadcasting TrueView ads on YouTube and other Google Display Network sites.
  • Managing the budget: Through setting the cost per view and the target audience yourself.

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Video advertising formats:

For displaying video ads there are four TrueView advertising formats that allow users to choose the types of ads they want to see.

TrueView InSearch

The ad appears on the YouTube search page.
The user sees the advertisement above or beside YouTube search results.
The advertiser pays only when the user clicks on the video ad watches it.

TrueView InDisplay

The ad appears beside videos on the YouTube playback page.
The user sees the advertisement when viewing videos on YouTube.
The advertiser pays only when the user clicks on the video ad and watches it.

TrueView InStream

The ad appears as a pre-roll video. It plays for five seconds, then the user chooses either to skip it or to watch it to the end.
The advertiser pays when the user views the video ad for thirty seconds, or in full if it is less than thirty seconds.

TrueView InSlate

The ad appears before YouTube partner videos that are longer than 10 minutes.
Before playing the video, the user chooses to view an ad from a selection of three different advertisers or to watch advertising spots displayed at regular intervals during video playback.
An advertiser pays when the user chooses to view that advertiser’s video ad.

Successful campaigns

Examples of video advertising that have had success on YouTube:

As a Google Partner, Index can set up and implement your video campaign with YouTube Ads, together with a web strategy.

If you too would like to launch a video campaign on YouTube, please contact us via the contact form by clicking here. Our Montreal team of experts knows what it takes to meet your needs.

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