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Learn how to analyze and increase your traffic

Why ?

  • If you are currently a Google AdWords user and want to learn how to measure the ways visitors interact with your website, this Google Analytics training course is for you.
  • Google Analytics is a service that analyzes a website’s audience. It provides insight into where your audience comes from and how that audience behaves when navigating your website.
  • Measuring how visitors interact with your site is essential for optimizing your online business!

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How ?

What you learn in our Google Analytics training session

  • This workshop is an introduction to the basics of web analytics such as tracking the sources of website visits and identifying visitor behavior.
  • Once the basic principles are introduced, you learn how to apply this knowledge to your own account.
  • Participants leave with a better understanding of how Google Analytics works and which features best serve their business.

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Who for ?

This training is particularly useful if:

  • What are web analytics? How do they work?
  • The Google Analytics interface, its dashboard and its advanced segments
  • User management, linking Adwords, creating and managing filters, using annotations, managing properties and profiles, and so on
  • Learning what the best indicators are for measuring your audience
  • Making the most of your data in Google Analytics
  • Creating conversion funnels and analysis objectives
  • Evaluating data concerning visits and visitors: bounce rate, traffic sources, and so on
  • Google Analytics Reports and Custom Reports
  • Advising on a case by case basis

The Google Analytics training topics are:

  • You have a website and want to understand what content works best for your site, improve navigation on the site or improve your marketing strategy
  • You are responsible for online advertising (SEM, PPC) and want to measure the effectiveness of your landing pages, ad groups, or to measure your conversion and return on investment rates.
  • You’re looking to better understand what draws visitors to your website and how to use the data collected
  • You want to know how visitors behave on your website: how long they stay, how many pages they visit, and so on

No prior knowledge is necessary. However, it is advantageous to already have a username and an administrator account on Google Analytics in order to practice live.

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