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Digital Marketing Courses

Get the best digital marketing courses in Canada from our experts at Index!

Courses list

Who are digital marketing courses for ?

Index offers customisable digital marketing programs for businesses. Whether you’re a Director, Manager, Consultant or at a different stage of your career, we adapt our training to meet your needs - in-person or remote (online), one on one or group training.

You should consider these advanced digital marketing training program topics :

Online advertising

Why should you take digital training classes ?

Index’s digital marketing training programs offer multiple benefits :

  1. You will acquire the tools and techniques to make a continuous impact on the development of your online business
  2. You will increase your online visibility, traffic and sales
  3. You will maximise your marketing budget’s ROI
  4. You will advance your career and those of your colleagues
  5. Our training is extremely affordable with our group and business unit training options (in-person/video conferencing)

During these classes, our experts can also review your website as well as your current online campaigns to introduce you to the best practices in the industry.

Why should you take a course with our institute ?

Given by experts in their field

With over 500 professionals trained over the years, Index offers unparalleled hands-on training for web marketing for all levels.


Index is a Montreal web marketing agency that holds a multitude of certifications from the top platforms.

Upon completion of any of our web marketing training programs, you will receive a certificate of attestation signed by our agency.

Eligibility for the Quebec 1% Law

If you’re a company with a mass salary of 2 million or higher in Quebec Canada, the Loi sur les compétences or 1% Training Law obliges you to spend 1% of your mass salary on the development of your workforce to acquire new competencies such as marketing.

We are accredited under the “Commission des partenaires du marché du travail” for the purposes of the “Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition” to offer digital marketing training. Thus it will be essentially free for your organization.

What training do you offer ?

Here is a non-exhaustive* list of courses offered by our professionals :

*We also offer custom programs or pre-recorded online marketing courses (mostly in French) through our online academy L’ADN.