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Facebook Ads Training


Grow your business through Facebook advertising

Why ?

  • Looking to reach of the millions of people who use the most important social media site? Learn from our training session how to grow your business through advertising on Facebook.
  • Are you already familiar with advertising on social networks? If the answer is yes, did you get the results you wanted? Or did you end up feeling that you wasted your money?
  • Most people who try advertising on Facebook go in unprepared – often without really knowing how to create an ad. As with any business, if you do not know why you do what you do, the results will show it. Obviously, the results will not be what you expected.
  • Facebook Ads are nevertheless an excellent leverage tool, most of all for new or small companies.

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How ?

Our Facebook Ads training covers:

  • How to create and launch a Facebook advertising campaign
  • What to promote on Facebook
  • Different types of ads – “like” ads, event ads, regular ads, sponsored stories
  • Targeting options
  • Learning best practices for writing ads and using images
  • Learning best practices for managing a Facebook advertising campaign
  • Mastering ads reporting and analysis

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  • Our experts, with many years of experience, are dedicated to your success. Our Facebook Ads training course shows you how to achieve the results you want fast.
  • Ready to learn how?
  • Learn quickly and easily how the Facebook Ad platform works. Create and structure your account and campaigns for an effective strategy.
  • Study concrete and recent examples using actual online campaigns. A lively and rewarding way to learn!

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Prerequisite for Facebook Ads training

This course requires no prior knowledge of the Facebook Ads platform or any other online advertising platform.

However, knowledge relating to web media buying will be an asset in assimilating the concepts covered.