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Web marketing strategy planning

What is a web marketing strategy?

The world's strongest brands have their marketing web strategy established over the next 12 months.

Index strategists will plan your initiatives to align your targets and your company resources:

  1. Interactive workshop to define your objectives
  2. Identification of personas
  3. Media plan ready for implementation
  4. Determination of short term and medium term action plans

What are the benefits of strategic planning?

People don’t need car insurance until they have an accident. Strategy and planning are essentially your insurance policy for your growth objectives.

This ensures that your current and future marketing investments will achieve your desired results.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Defining goals and measuring KPIs by phase
  • Hearings
  • Acquisition tactics by channel
  • Messages and available content
  • Environment
  • Vendor review for future implementation
  • Technology inventory (Web, Automation, CRM, AI, Security)

Why pick Index for your strategic planning?

Our annual planning deliverable is created with a proven formula that sets us apart from other agencies:

  1. Proven annual planning formula
  2. Access to professional tools
  3. Access to international case studies
  4. Certified senior experts
  5. Omnichannel synergy
  6. Mastery of your digital environment