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Custom Intranet Solutions

Index is a Montreal and Toronto based company that designs and develops custom intranet software solutions for companies of all sizes.

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Why implement an intranet solution ?

As a company, it is important to consider implementing a powerful intranet adapted to your specific needs. An intranet is a private portal used by employees and administrators. It is an indispensable tool that will allow you to systematize the inner workings of the various departments of your company in order to increase productivity. It can also be accessible by your collaborators, your customers, your suppliers and other stakeholders. In this case it would be called an extranet.

Every company has a set of common needs. However, every organization also has its own unique needs that make current solutions on the market too general and unusable. It is therefore important to work with a flexible provider like Index in order to receive custom intranet solutions to meet your specific needs.

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What are the benefits of using Intranet?

Intranet is the go-to management tool of today's companies. It is also the most powerful communication tool a company can acquire as it allows you to regroup all the tools you are currently using in a single interface (emails, messaging, press releases, etc).

After the installation of your intranet, your company will benefit from the following advantages:

Save time and money

The intranet is accessible anywhere, anytime...or via VPN

Sharepoint , LDAP, ActiveDirectory or other server integrations

Increases the productivity of your team members

Reduces errors resulting from miscommunication

Enables easy and efficient internal communication and management

How to pick your Custom Intranet Solution?

At Index, we have created an A.I. solution designed to increase your marketing performance in intranet and extranet environments called SiteVolt.

SiteVolt is distinguished by its comprehensive and functional capabilities which include collaborative workspaces, company social networking, a portal, content management and document management systems. These functions facilitate easy access to all your online tools.

When designing an intranet for our customers, our objective is to find the best balance between their digital workspace and their organization.

For optimal communication and seamless management, trust our project specialists to deliver on your:

Accounting system
Call center
Perpetual inventory system
CRM adapted to your industry
Language management (French, English, Spanish...)

What features do you offer?

Features we have developed for every budget:

Employee management: Punch system

Payroll management: Timesheet system

Project management and monitoring of tasks: Real-time interactive task lists

Communications management

Time management and coordination: Real-time interactive calendar or agenda

Management of contacts: Contact list

Management of invoices and payment

Resume (CV) database: Systematization of the registration process

Company website dashboard: Content manager

Instant messaging

Email inbox

Systematized press releases and memos

Space for company documents: File manager

Documentation system (Wiki): Knowledge sharing among employees

Password management