What are the Five Most Popular Features of an Intranet?

Long reserved for large companies, the intranet is gradually becoming more common in small and medium-sized companies thanks to the many advantages that its various features can offer. To help you design your intranet, Index has put together the 5 most popular features of an intranet in 2020 for you.

Whether you are a human resources director or a manager, the intranet is an excellent solution for improving your company’s internal communication and strengthening collaboration between your employees. In terms of generalized teleworking, several intranet features can promote mobility at work by facilitating access to internal documents or projects at any given time.

If you have decided to get started with designing your intranet, it is important to learn about the best intranet features available to understand how they can benefit your business.

1) Dynamic PDFs

PDFs are now the most popular documents. Bring new life to your old forms and documents, and convert them to fillable PDFs. Your dynamic PDFs can be enriched by integrating calculation rules, validation rules, action buttons and many advantages. This intranet feature saves your team time and resources by avoiding printing and scanning.

2) Online Signature

Ensure the continuity of your work by collecting legally valid electronic signatures on your documents in a secure environment. Exclusively linked to the signatory for identification, this intranet feature brings many advantages: more security (forgery-proof), more mobility in exchanges and speed of management, as well as saving time and reducing costs. Additionally, the electronic signature does not require the purchase of a printer or a copier.

3) The Employee Kit Module

Gather your new hire greetings, employment contracts, information on policies and procedures, the organization, work materials, as well as updates in the employee kit. A well-prepared and personalized employee kit will help your employees get off to a good start, reduce their on-boarding time and improve productivity.

4) The Documentation Center

Accessing electronic resources from the intranet is one way to improve internal company communication. The documentation center forms a documentary network that can be shared with an individual, a group of people or all the personnel of your company. This intranet feature is especially useful if the staff is dispersed over several work sites.

5) Synchronizing Users with Office 365 or G Suite

One of the strengths of the intranet is that it provides a synchronized space for users to store files and work on documents that are accessible remotely. By integrating Active Directory into your intranet, the entities responsible for managing Office 365 or G Suite can define the security levels for your intranet. With this feature, you can grant a user or a group of users access to view and edit sensitive corporate content.


To ensure that you choose the right intranet features, remember to collect the different points of view of the various actors in your company who will use the tool. Your intranet features will then be adapted to different uses and to diverse user profiles.

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