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Choosing where to host your corporate website is an essential step in the promotion of your brand image on the web. Indeed, a slow site, or one that is often down, could damage your business, especially if you have an e-commerce site. Choosing the right web host contributes greatly to the success of your strategy for visibility and promotion on the web.

The choice for reliable, secure, and affordable hosting

Choosing Index Web Marketing to host your website means choosing effectiveness, safety, and accessibility.

All hosting is done on a dedicated cloud infrastructure. Cloud hosting is the best option currently available on the market for maximum availability and security. Cloud hosting also allows us to offer high scalability and flexibility in managing your storage capability for a solution perfectly adapted to your site traffic, even when your needs change.


Protecting your website is our first concern. Index Web Marketing hosts your website in the same location as the Canadian Department of National Defence. Your site is protected against DDOS attacks. The server blocks access to the log-in page after a certain number of unsuccessful attempts.

Choosing Index Web Marketing also makes life easier. Your data is centralized and you have a single point of contact for your website.

Discover our website hosting plans for powerful and efficient service, tailored for you

Our experts in digital solutions listen to your needs and are committed to your satisfaction in every way. Index Web Marketing offers several hosting plans to suit your needs for performance and storage capacity.


Index Web Marketing specializes in WordPress hosting. By choosing one of our plans, you will have access to an infinite number of network plug-ins as well as extensions such as GravityForm, SlideDeck 2, WPSEO, and WPMUDEV, all of which usually cost extra.


Your site is not on WordPress? Discover our other website hosting plans. Need to host your mobile site? We also provide specialized hosting upon request. Contact us, we will be pleased to offer you a customized hosting plan for your needs. Guaranteed answer within 24 hours (on business days).

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