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Facebook Ads Campaigns

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Strengthen your advertising

Today, the vast majority of advertisers choose to invest in Adwords advertising when they want to strengthen their advertising presence on the Internet. Makes sense, it's a proven technique that continues to deliver great results.

Advanced Advertising Campaigns

However, the advertiser should know that Facebook has developed a very advanced ad campaign management system that allows for more targeted campaigns. This tool is called Facebook Ads.

How ?

Extensive social media network

Facebook advertising leverages Facebook's vast social network. Over 500 million people use Facebook daily. This gives access to an almost unlimited number of consumers.


When we take into account the target customer(s) of your company for the implementation of your campaign on Facebook Ads, you can afford to be very specific. In order to reach the customers you want, we will need to have information such as the region you are targeting, the age and gender of your consumers, their marital status, interests, employment, studies, etc. And since the friends of the people you attract probably have similar tastes, it's possible to target them too.

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