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What is website analysis (cybermetrics) ?

Index offers website analysis, commonly referred to as cybermetrics.

Cybermetrics is a discipline that aims to collect, measure and present digital data in order to understand and optimise behaviours.

Index offers the following services à la carte:

Google Analytics audit and setup
Dashboards creation
Tracking configuration
Conversion rate optimisation
Migration to Google Analytics 4
Ecommerce tracking (Shopify)

What are the benefits of cybermetrics?

Marketing is undergoing a major shift. It has gone from being considered an “expense” to a “revenue generator”.

Implementing cybermetrics is essential to ensure that your organisation's digital platforms are a profitable investment long-term.

During an analytics audit, every aspect of your organisation will be considered.

Why trust Index to perform your website analysis and analyse your web data?

Our mission is to provide relevant solutions and not more noise!

This is why we have developed a unique cybermetrics process:

  1. Audit Analytics
  2. Define the missing data and find sources
  3. Integrate and configure tracking tools and add tracking dimensions
  4. Test new attribution models
  5. Create your dashboards and your analysis protocol (benchmarking)
  6. Ongoing optimisation