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17.01.18 | News

Par Eva Dieudonné

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This week, the Index team brings you a special edition of the Digital News: the 7 new features Facebook introduced in 2017 that you need to use to your advantage. Notice to all advertisers and managers of Facebook campaigns, this is the moment to get ahead of your competitors!

With 5 million companies worldwide advertising via its platform, Facebook has achieved a prominent position in the digital advertising market and now rivals the Google giant. The predictions made by Cowen are clear: Facebook could surpass Google as advertisers’ favorite in 2018!

Without further ado, Index reveals the 7 new tools and features – from the most to the least recent – developed by Facebook in 2017 that will significantly improve your online campaigns in 2018.

1. Dynamic ads for auto

Ensuring the best user experience is the #1 goal of this simple and effective new tool that helps users find their dream car. In place since December, car dealers can now use it to import their product catalog and generate unique ads for each vehicle model. Thanks to this dynamic tool, users see ads for the car model that matches their interests.

2. Facebook makes its advertising rules more transparent

The rules established by Facebook are well known to advertisers. Facebook, however, also applies moral principles to guide its advertising choices and, in November, Facebook made these principles available to the public. The goal in making them public is to provide users with greater transparency about the ads they see and to provide small businesses the ability to create campaigns regardless of the size of their business.

3. The Messages Objective for Facebook Ads

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When you create a campaign in the Facebook ad manager, you first need to select the goal: traffic, app installs, lead generation, and so on. In September, Facebook created a new goal called “Message,” which highlights the importance of building conversations between brands and users. With this new goal, Messenger ads can now target the people most likely to respond to your ads.

4. Messenger Ads

Last July, Facebook launched sponsored ads for Messenger, giving advertisers the opportunity to present their ads to users who have already started a conversation with their brand. Available only on the mobile app (not on the PC version), this new type of ad placement will extend brand visibility to the 1.2 million monthly users of the Messenger App.

5. Cross Border Insights Finder

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A tool to add to your list of actionable steps for a successful international advertising campaign, the CBIF will help you find the right customers in the right places (regions, countries) and never miss an opportunity to expand! Since being launched in June, the tool continues to improve in accuracy, so make sure to keep track of the latest updates.

6. Value based Lookalike audience

It was the biggest news for advertisers in the whole month of June, this new opportunity to target people with a profile similar to their most frequent buyers. The process is similar to creating Lookalike Audiences, but you first need to determine the value of these customers. This is the most difficult part of the process, so using a CRM system is highly recommended (for example, the Lifetime Value parameter in Hubspot would apply here).

7. Collection Ads

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Highly popular with e-commerce companies, Collection Ads, launched last April, bathe the user in an immersive experience. This tool can access your entire catalog of products and all related features without ever leaving Facebook. Available only on mobile, this format offers you a new way to raise brand awareness and offers users a new way to buy your products.


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