Digital Marketing Hot Topics – Edition #19 – Happy New Year!

09.01.18 | News

Par Eva Dieudonné

Some trends, updates and tools from the digital marketing world that marked 2017. Here are the top picks of 2017, put together by our experts.


Does your website comply with the new rules of Google?

Google is at it again! Starting in February 2018, all AMP pages that do not match the content of canonical pages will be penalized. This means that if they do not perfectly match, they will not be considered for Search features that require AMP. The goal is to avoid using AMP on “teaser pages”, so as to give users a smooth and more engaging experience on mobile.

Google launches the Trust Project, right after the Fact Check Tag

With a bunch of information coming online every day, without knowing which one is true, Google launches the Trust Project. It has released 8 trust indicators that newrooms can add to their content. This will provide the readers with more details about the setup of the article.

Canadians are more than ready for voice-based assistance

In 2017, 20% of searches were done by voice and Canadians, in particular, seem more interested. Among the tasks that they would to be able to do with a digital assistant are “find directions” and “order food”. This is a huge innovation for marketers and brands.

In 2018, base your guest blogging on the host!

Content Marketing Institute reviews the main rules to follow for a quality guest blogging strategy. Here is the mindset to adopt: write from a guest’s perspective and follow – as you do when you’re invited into someone’s home –  your host’s rules. Golden rule: Read the guidelines. Follow the guidelines. Read the guidelines again!


Are your YouTube campaigns successful?

With over a billion hours of video viewed on YouTube, video campaigns ad ARE the marketing opportunity to seize this year! Find out in PPC Hero’s article how to monitor your earned actions, as well as the impact of Google AdWords on Search Traffic.

5 ways to maximize your video strategy on Facebook

Video, video, that’s what we only talk about! All advertisers have embraced these video campaigns, but then how will you stand out from the competition? What is the key to success? AdWeek suggests 5 effective ways that were tested. One that marked us was KEEP IT SHORT, 15-30 seconds only, not more!


Top 12 marketing insights from 2017 to be used in 2018

A little year-end data wrap-up, with love from Google. Did you know that for example 1 in 3 travelers used digital assistants to book travel? Well you too, think with Google and discover 12 insights that marked 2017!

How to create marketing case studies that convert

Case studies are useful for marketing websites as they bring in a lot of traffic. Moz suggests various points to take into consideration to make case studies that convert. The 3 key elements being:

  1. The conflict
  2. The resolution
  3. The results

Let’s not forget the Geeks…

Learn Javascript in a fun way!

You’ve always dreamt of learning Javascript, but all the coding scares you. Well then we recommend this website where you can learn how to code while playing with a robot! Alright, let’s go, robot.move(10);

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