François LaPalme, Web strategy expert, appointed Vice-President, Marketing Strategy


Index recently had the pleasure of announcing the appointment of a new web strategy expert, François LaPalme. Mr. LaPalme joins Index as Vice-President, Marketing Strategy.

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In his capacity as Vice-President, Marketing Strategy, François will participate in the development and deployment of digital campaigns for major accounts. As such, he will actively contribute to Index’s expansion through the establishment of performance partnerships.

Experience in finance

François is an entrepreneur at heart. He earned an advanced degree in finance. Following the completion of his studies, François worked for a decade in finance advising his clients in financial planning. The fact that most of his clients were entrepreneurs led him to base his approach on the profitability and return on investment of his clients’ projects, on maximizing revenues generated by advertising campaigns, for instance.

Experience in web marketing

François has been working for over 8 years in the field of Web marketing. He brings with him several years of agency experience, most recently as marketing director, where he successfully led a multidisciplinary team dedicated to the firm’s major accounts.

Web strategy expert

These years of experience have permitted François to put into practice a range of digital strategies for a panoply of clients from several different industries. His particular expertise is to develop effective strategic approaches that optimize the client’s return on investment.

At Index

The role of François at Index will be to work closely with CEOs and marketing directors to maximize their digital campaigns, and, ultimately, their web marketing budget.

Index invites each of its partners to get in touch with François with a view to evolving their current strategies.

Posted 04/06/2015

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