How to Rank a Website Fast With IndexNow ?

How about an alert that tells search engines that a URL and its content have been added, updated, or deleted? That is exactly what IndexNow proposes. Through the sharing of a simple ping, search engines can quickly send robots to explore, index, and reflect all changes made to your website. By doing so, IndexNow proves itself to be a valuable tool, to not only rank your website fast, but also improve your SEO.

Robot pour indexer

Why Search Engines Should Use IndexNow ?

Simply because it aims to make the internet more efficient by helping search engines to be more powerful. With an HTTP request, IndexNow will inform search engines that you have made a change to your website. With each API call, you can provide search engines using IndexNow with a list of up to 10,000 URLs that have been modified on your site. Prior to this, it would usually take search engines a few days to a few weeks to discover content changes.

Which search engines have opted for IndexNow?


Currently, IndexNow is only supported by Bing, Yandex and This means that Google, one of the most exploited search engines, has not yet adopted IndexNow. However, Google is looking into it and should offer a similar version soon.

Is IndexNow a complete technology?


Since this is a new technology, our team is exploring the following questions:

What do you think of this new proposal to help search engines quickly see changes to your site? Would you like to rank your website fast, evaluate your SEO and improve your website with SEO specialists? Index can assist you. Contact us for more information.