Trends, updates, new tools, new features … What are the key takeaways from the latest Worldwide Web news for the week of July 21st to 27th, 2017?


Optimizing Sites for Featured Snippets with Q&A Content

What are “featured snippets” exactly? They are the short excerpts (snippets) of web pages that appear in the search results on Google. And what do they have to do with of web marketing? They require a new strategy. That is, for companies to appear in Google’s featured snippets, thanks to these 3 steps:

  • Replace the FAQ with a Q&A
  • Research keywords relating to the Q&A and create content around them
  • Build links to your Q&A (backlinking)

To learn more, go directly here for details:

6 High Impact Ways To Enhance Local Business Visibility Online

Are you looking to optimize your local online presence, increase traffic to your website, and attract more local customers? This article offers the following 6 tips to achieve this:

  1. Create customer experiences worthy of sharing that fuel conversations
  2. Do not be shy on social networks, engage
  3. Maintain and update your Google My Business listing
  4. Take advantage of the local opportunities for creating backlinks
  5. Create quality content that attracts local customers
  6. Add a store locator and a landing page dedicated to each location

5 Tools That Will Make Your SEO Life Much Easier

Digital agencies and SEO professionals and are constantly developing and refining innovative and more effective strategies, all while working to grow their businesses and retain their customers Here are a few ways (and their related tools) to achieve these objectives:

  1. Use a Lead Generator widget
  2. Establish trust  to build a personal relationship between client and agency
  3. Use a marketing plan to speed up your estimates and improve their accuracy

25 Revealing Questions You Must Ask New SEO Clients

A quick review never hurts. Here are the 25 key questions and points to be addressed with a prospect or new SEO client. From target definition to potential technical problems, the more specific questions you will ask, the better the results will be!

Google Announces Shutdown of Instant Search

Instant Search was used to display the results pages corresponding to the query being entered. Very useful! But Google has preferred to suspend it to dedicate itself to the harmonization of its interface between mobile and desktop. Google Suggest, the autocompletion function, will continue to work:


Messenger ads becoming available to advertisers globally

If you’ve noticed these new ads in your Facebook Messenger app, your curiosity was probably piqued. If you were wondering what this new marketing feature is exactly, Facebook shows you how it works on their blog:

Your Facebook Ads Are Working – Here’s How to Prove It

Facebook Ads have established themselves as a key element to a successful marketing strategy, whether it’s to increase traffic to your website or increase your conversions. But it’s hard, sometimes, to see the direct line to return on investment. This, rather technical, article presents the 4 steps to follow to concretely evaluate the impact of Facebook Ads on your digital strategy:

The 25 Most Expensive AdWords Keywords

The Search Engine Journal presents the 25 most expensive AdWords keywords in this article, along with the reasons why they are so pricy. At the top, there are words like “business services,” “bail bonds,” and “casino.” Discover the rest of the top 25 here:

Why IF Function Ads Need to Be in Your Testing Rotation

As you’ll recall, the IF function allows you to insert a specific message into your ad when a certain condition is met or a default text when the condition is not met. This article presents a test done by a digital expert, comparing the results obtained with Expanded Test Ads versus IF Ads. With a difference of 11% in terms of conversions and a 51% drop in CPA, favorable to IF ads, the conclusion is, “they are definitely worth testing”:

Leverage the Potential of Google Shopping

Cédric Vandervynckt, CEO of Criteo France, offers 5 tips to optimize your Google Shopping campaigns:

  1. Take action on the right performance levers to maximize the ROI of Google Shopping campaigns
  2. Target buying and engagement intentions
  3. Better predict the ROI of campaigns using machine learning
  4. Take more buying signals into account with machine learning
  5. Save time to refocus on other issues


Add the Same File to Multiple Folders in Google Drive without Copying

Google Drive is very useful and hard to do without, but some functions take some getting used to. No need to panic, because this article is here to help. It’s a quick tutorial on how to save a file in several folders without going through the copying process:


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