Project Wing

17.12.15 | News

Par Audrey Lemarec

Project Wing:

The Google Drone Delivers!

Get something delivered by drone? Yes, it’s possible! At its Zeitgeist 2015 event, in Arizona, Google impressed us, as usual, with its latest innovation, Project Wing.

Project Wing - The Google drone
Project Wing is a system that can quickly deliver packages of small to medium size by drone. Aaref Hilaly, Partner at Sequoia Capital, tweeted that the drone can reach a speed of up to 96 km/h.

Users place orders using a specific Google app and can have their package delivered into their own hands.

Soon your Timbits could be deposited right on your doorstep 😉

Still, it’s hard not to wonder how the drone can identify the right person to deliver to. It’s a safe bet that Google plans on surprising us!


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