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24.09.15 | News

Par Lucille Trager

One Thursday at the Index Agency

At the Index agency, this past Thursday, as every day, the hectic life of a web marketing agency in Montreal was in full swing. Indeed, every day we have the chance to work with great partners that lead us to continually expand the horizons of our knowledge.

A brief tour of a typical day

From floor sanding, through organic products, to excavators for sale in the greater Montreal area, all day, every day, we discover new business environments through our partners…. and, admittedly, as a result we push the boundaries of our knowledge! Our mission at Index, as we choose to accept it, is to know the difference between TPO shingles and EDPM roofing mats, to be experts on the different versions of gazpacho around the world, but also on the four phases of an environmental assessment, to be well versed in the kind of licence required to drive a used Hyundai Accent, a scooter in the Old Port, or a dump truck, to know with certainty what coat will keep you warm this winter if your furnace abandons you without warning… All good reasons for being exhausted at the end of the working day!

So, to avoid having to resort prematurely to wrinkle fillers, the Index team got together Thursday for a team building exercise offered by Échappe-Toi Montréal.

agence index

The concept? To coordinate our efforts and emerge victorious from the wreckage of Jacques Cartier’s ship, La Petite Hermine, which contains a multitude of secrets. Through five possible scenarios, which trace the history of Montreal, immersive adventures concocted by Échappe-Toi plunge you into a tangle of riddles and puzzles. You must solve them within an hour, otherwise you risk staying locked in the room!

The scenario of The Cursed Treasure of Hochelaga immersive adventure had us tracing the footsteps of Jacques Cartier for an hour in the bowels of the ship, La Petite Hermine, where the bodies of 25 sailors decimated by scurvy were abandoned in 1535.

Only 3% of the 33,000 players who have ventured there since the launch of the first scenarios in October, 2014, have ever regained their freedom before their time is up.

For us, unfortunately, we were within seconds of making our escape. Still, we had a great time as a team and loved solving the riddles together!

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