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Index  is an agency of experts in digital marketing founded in Montreal which ensures better Internet visibility for your company’s brand image.

Index  stands out thanks to its strong web culture and its ability to understand all aspects of a web project. When creating a website, we are not just satisfied with a beautiful, ergonomic and functional website. We also want to make your website visible. We believe it is pointless to create a website if nobody visits it, that’s why each and every one of the websites we create is SEO friendly.

Index  also stands out because of its ability to clarify the “Internets” jargon. Because the clients know their business better than anyone, a web firm cannot take all the credit for the success of a project.  For Index, success will always result from the alliance of two expertises: ours and the client’s.

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To be recognized as the best Web Marketing solutions provider, admired globally for exceeding clients’ expectations with innovation, energy, and passion.


Index is committed to exceed the expectations of clients, co-workers, and shareholders by offering leading-edge performance solutions. We strive to grow profitably by enhancing clients’ financial results and focusing on global impact.



Work collectively to deliver and demonstrate performance for clients that affect revenues and end user experience.


Index recognizes and embraces creative ideas that will not only exceed clients’ expectations but will also guarantee its leadership in the industry.


Index always acts ethically, legally and with integrity, besides keeping co-workers attitudes in straight accordance with its words.


Index believes it is possible to foresee, recognize and interpret some higher risk issues clients can face. Therefore it is Index responsibility to anticipate problems and communicate with clients in an appropriate manner, suggesting intelligent recommendations that will actually work.


Index respects the private values and beliefs of each person, strives to understand clients’ organizational cultures and acts to generate value to society in order to achieve a sustainable outcome.


These companies trusted us to develop their business through digital strategies.

While our headquarters are in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), our clients of all sizes range from multinational corporations (Canada, Brazil, USA, France, ... ) to local brands.