Add Geofencing Advertising with a Waze Strategy to your Omnichannel Marketing

In this article, we will explain why your company should consider investing in a Waze Strategy and benefit from its geofencing advertising capabilities for your omnichannel ideas.

Waze, the Google-owned navigation app, is the world’s largest crowdsourcing navigation app which has started to promote geo targeting advertising to its estimated 130 million monthly users. 

What is Waze advertising?

Waze advertising is a digital service offered by our company, Index. There are different waze advertising packages available for all business owners ranging from 1 location to +50 locations with different spending requirements, ad options and targeting variations. The ads integrate seamlessly into the map and navigational features and are now accessible with a minimal investment sold at cost-per-impression (CPM).

Benefits of Waze strategy in geofencing advertising

Why advertise on Waze with Index?

Waze advertising is an effective and inexpensive option to attract customers by reaching drivers. At Index, we have the expertise and experience in Waze ads.

Waze ads have various ad options, pricing structures and real-time reporting, many ad buyers have said they see Waze Ads as an effective and inexpensive option to reach their target audience and encourage foot traffic in a digital world by reaching drivers who are near their locations with a meaningful local ad experience.

At Index, we have the expertise and experience in Waze strategy. We know how to implement geofencing advertising in your omnichannel ideas so that you see not only a high ROI but also higher foot traffic and an increase in return customers.

Contact our digital marketing experts today to see how we can get your business on the tips of everybody’s fingers and click “go”.

Other advertising alternatives

There are several alternatives to Waze ads for online advertising.

Among these, Index agency offers: