Black Friday @ Vtex Sao Paulo: Index Summarizes the Digital Challenges for Agencies and Businesses

On October 19, the Index Montreal team flew to Sao Paulo for a hectic week. The Black Friday conference, meetings, networking, talks with potential clients and existing partners, and business development were all on the agenda for the week.

For those who have not read the Vtex Day blog post we published in July, Vtex is the Latin American equivalent of Shopify. With more than 2,000 online stores in over 20 countries, the company has delivered 18 million orders for a total of $ 2 billion annually. Among their success stories are large companies operating in a variety of industries such as Sony, Coca-Cola, Pandora, and Levi’s.

Now back to the main event: Vtex Black Friday 2017. Imagine an open space of over 10,000 square feet in the heart of Sao Paulo thronged with more than 80 guests. Throughout the evening, agencies and partners invited by Vtex were able to attend 3 keynote speeches given by web marketing experts where they could learn insights into how to approach as intense a business day as Black Friday.

Index, the only Canadian agency invited, kicked off the festivities with a 20-minute speech focusing on three key points: the challenges faced by businesses during the actual Black Friday day, the crucial importance of data, and the key factors to a successful web strategy.

Subsequently, representatives of the team from Stello, a Brazilian online payment solution, and Microsoft, focused on chatbots and the application of machine learning.

For Jeremy Easterbrook, CEO of Index, being invited as a guest speaker at this event was a great honor, a chance to meet new contacts and develop his network in Brazil, and an opportunity to affirm the expertise of Index within a new market.

Brazil has its own way of doing things and Black Friday is one of them. It is an extremely important event in their culture. It is interesting is to see how Brazilians have appropriated this key event in American and Canadian cultures!