Data Marketing Trends 2022 – Browsers, Tracking and Transparency

If you’re involved in marketing or tracking, our Director of Performance put together data marketing trends for 2022 on the topic of browsers, tracking and transparency.

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For anyone interested in the restrictions around tracking and privacy, we can’t recommend enough here at Index the Life After GDPR podcast. Since it’s not easy listening but it’s such valuable information, we made a summary of a recent golden podcast


We’ve included key points and some information that was surprising to us; you will find our takeaways under each area.


Browser trends

Takeaway – New features are actively implemented that go beyond the push for cookies. Even if someone consents, it doesn’t mean that the browser will let you track them.

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Safari WebKit Intelligent Tracking Prevention












Tracking trends

Takeaway – recent changes explain why paid is usually under-reporting and direct is often over-reporting. Plus tracking is about to get even more complex as the browser’s cookie window changes.

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Facebook Conversion API



Tracking Information: utm’s, fb_clid, ga_id



Webkit Private Click Measurement


Transparency Trends

Takeaway – Transparency is evolving quickly, and this will all look different by 2023 and even more different by 2024. If Google’s Apps also implement similar penalties as the iOS’ do not track feature, tracking will be affected furthermore.

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Apple App Tracking Transparency



IP Addresses


New Privacy Laws




In conclusion 


With Apple leading the way, this field is changing fast!


Give us some feedback on this format and let us know if there is a trend you’d want us to cover. 


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