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As every week, our experts are informed and analyzed the trends, updates, new tools, new features of the world of digital marketing. What must we remember about the news of this week? Index decrypts all this for you!

Use Existing Content to Build a Remarketing Campaign

SemRush presents 5 key points for creating a remarketing campaign with content that you already have. Aaron Agius recommends Facebook as the most relevant platform for remarketing. He also provides strategic tips for remarketing low-margin and higher-cost products.

Paid Campaigns: Which US State Should You Invest In?

After analyzing 55,000 keywords from a dozen different industries, SemRush presents a selection of US states where running campaigns would be most advantageous, broken down according to your industry. All in all, West Virginia, Texas, and Florida are leading the game. So, roll up your sleeves, it’s time to tailor your strategy to your local audience.

Bounce Rate: How to Make Yours Tell the Whole Truth

In some cases, a high bounce rate doesn’t necessarily mean that your content is bad. The problem is that, while Google tracks all interactions, it doesn’t differentiate between positive and negative interactions. Here, Neil Patel gives 5 tips for making your bounce rate give a more accurate portrayal of how people are interacting with your site!

Alexa for Business

Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant is now available in a corporate version for $710. Syncing the start of a teleconference, setting a date for a meeting, checking an appointment… Soon, all these tasks and more will be accomplished just by saying, “Alexa.” WeWork, Capital One, and Brook Brothers will be the first companies to test it out!

Are Brands Becoming the New Psychologists?

In early February, a Netflix user revealed he was contacted by Netflix after watching 188 episodes in 1 week. Facebook uses A.I. to analyze posts, statuses, and videos with a view to preventing suicide. Instagram set up a tool in September to help people who need psychological support. What if social brands were becoming the new psychological counselors?

Spotify Is Set to Launch its First Connected Devices

This leader in music streaming leader services, with 70 million subscribers, is about to launch its own line of connected devices and is looking for candidates to develop and support these new operations.

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