Some trends, updates, and tools from the digital marketing world that marked 2017. Here are the top picks of 2017, put together by our experts.


Applying Machine Learning to SEO: Can We Predict Rankings?

Michael Weber, the founder of SearchVIU, presents a 5-step case study using a machine learning model to predict how rankings will change once optimization is complete.

Creating Content for Local SEO

visual of smartphone on a map

One in three mobile searches is location-related. To promote your local visibility in Google’s results, this article recommends several strategies: Google My Business, directories, reviews … but also locally optimized content ideas.

Impact of Voice Search on SEO

Voice search has become so common that it has transformed search engines into answer engines. SEO is now AEO (Answer Engine Optimization). This article provides tactics for making your site more visible during voice searches, starting with the use of structured data and building your brand authority via increasing your credibility.

Nostalgia as a Marketing Strategy to Boost Your SEO

commercial for a drink showing the nostalgia marketing strategy

Nostalgia marketing is about generating emotions in your target by evoking memories of simpler times. This type of campaign has a positive impact on social networks, thus improving brand image and domain authority.


Bing Ads: Evaluate Campaign Performance with New Reporting Features

screenshot of new Bing reports

On Bing, it is possible to choose three audiences: Remarketing for search, In-market Audiences, and Custom Audiences. Instead of tearing your hair out while poring over reports for hours, Bing now offers advertisers a report that shows all metrics for each campaign and makes comparisons easier.

Google Will Allow its Users to Block and Hide Remarketing Ads!

As a refresher, remarketing lets you retarget people who have previously visited your site on the Google advertising network. Aware that this practice can be inconvenient for users, Google now offers them to flag these reminder ads, through the settings of their Google Account, for a maximum of 90 days.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Best Practices

This article provides tips for optimizing your chances of converting while breaking so-called best practices in 3 examples: showcasing your social media networks, your videos, or a contact form.

Video Ads: 5 Tips to Increase Your Performance on Facebook and Instagram

visual showing MailChimp video ads on Instagram

Video length, visual appeal, A/B testing, call to action, choice of audience …


4 Innovative Ways to Promote Blog Content on Social Media

Organic reach on social media is admittedly at an all-time low, but social media is still a useful content promotion tool. Start thinking outside the box and take a look at these four unconventional ways to promote your content from David Zheng, founder of WiseMerchant and head of growth at BuildFire. You’ll drive higher traffic and increase engagement rates.

Set Your Content Free for Mobile & Voice and Be Ready for the Future

visual of Amazon dot & smartwatch

Learn why it’s worth understanding what structured content is, how it works, how structuring your content sets it free, and how it delivers on promises, including lower costs, happier audiences, as well as efficiency, accuracy, and consistency. Insights from content strategist Carrie Hane.

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