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This week, Facebook is the top story for all news media. Why not our Digital News, too? Index experts have decided to focus on the Facebook scandal and to examine all that it entails. In short, Facebook is collapsing and is dragging the entire digital world down into the shadows with it… Here is a short timeline of the fall out following the scandal, as explained in 6 articles.

March 25 – Facebook: Your SMS Were (And Still Are) Tracked and Logged

Bad news for Android users (87% of the population) who downloaded the Facebook application, in addition to all the photos and comments you posted, your phone data was also recorded by the app!

March 27 – Snapchat and Instagram: Declared Guilty!

You probably suspected as much, Facebook is not the only culprit here. In 2017, it was discovered that Instagram sold more than 6 million accounts. Snapchat claims not to keep photos but does reserve the right to collect phone directory data, to access your image gallery and login information, and to track the language of your messages as well as usage trends. So, will #DeleteInstagram and #DeleteSnapchat be the next grassroots movements to take off?

March 27 – How to Leave Facebook in 6 Steps: An Artist Unveils his Formula

An English artist responded to the Cambridge Analytica scandal by plastering London with 2,000 posters presenting the 6 steps to getting rid of Facebook. If you’d like to try it, note that the process can take up to 14 days to fully take effect. Enough time to save all your data one last time ..?

March 27 – Facebook Delays the Launch of Its Connected Home-Speaker

Facebook’s vocal assistant, long-awaited by FB fans, was to be officially unveiled at the F8 conference in May. Now, however, the wait will be a bit longer, according to Mark Zuckerberg. While several scandals and controversies threaten the of Menlo Park firm’s reputation, this may not be the right time to launch a product suspected of listening to you without your knowledge … Smart move Zucky! 😉

March 28 – Mozilla Unveils an Extension to Limit the Data that Facebook Collects

Once Mozilla’s Facebook Container extension is activated, it allows users to browse the web without being tracked by Facebook. When you open an URL, the extension will load the page outside of the FB platform. By presenting itself as the defender of your right to privacy, is Mozilla being savvy or strategic – or both?

March 29 – SpaceX, Tesla, and now Playboy, support #DeleteFacebook

Last week, Elon Musk, also called “The Most Influential Person in History,” suspended all his activities on the social network following the scandal. Cooper Hefner, director of Playboy, was quick to follow him, saying Facebook is threatening the company’s values.

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