This week, as they do every week, our experts have researched and analyzed the most recent trends and updates, plus the newest tools and features, in the digital marketing world. What are the most important takeaways from the latest web news? Index rounds up the 6 most important digital news stories that you can’t afford to miss this week!

Stimulate More Conversions by Creating a Sense of Urgency

Search Engine Journal shows once again how useful it can be to analyze consumer psychology when establishing sales strategies. Here are 10 ways to create a sense of urgency, win your audience and boost conversions. Using time-tested expressions in your copy or warm colors for call-to-action buttons are two examples of these techniques!

10 Tips for Making a Viral Video

Video content has become essential to any communication strategy. However, like any other type of content, it’s got to be relevant! Among the 10 tips presented here, remember to: keep it brief, be vibrant, look at the camera, and pay equal attention to the video’s sound (use a lapel microphone and make sure to respect the copyright license for the music you use).

Chat, the Modernization of Texting by Google

Google revealed its plans for the future of SMS to The Verge last week. Eager to modernize the basic SMS application, the “update”, as Google calls it, will send SMS via 4G rather than via the consumer’s phone plan and will be able to contain more modern content like GIFs, group conversations, and such.

LinkedIn Discreetly Fixes a Flaw that Exposed Users’ Personal Data

Social networks are still experiencing the storm of controversy following the Facebook scandal. There’s no longer any margin for error when it comes to ensuring the security of user data. On April 9, a researcher discovered the flaw in LinkedIn’s AutoFill plugin that would have allowed hackers to hijack user information such full name, phone number, email address, postal code, company, and job title. The flaw may be fixed, but only halfway …

Premieres: Facebook Unveils a New Video Format

A mix of live and traditional video formats, Premieres is the new video feature recently deployed by Facebook. In test phase, for now, Premieres would promote interactions similar to those that happen with live video.

Data Science to the Rescue of Social Media Networks

TechCrunch raised a relevant point last week. It is actually possible to continue using audience data for marketing purposes without compromising security. What’s more, it can be done while ensuring user protection thanks to Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE). This technique already used by IBM and Microsoft would, therefore, analyze hundreds of encrypted data sets without having to decrypt them.

We’ll be back next week with a new edition of the digital news with Index. In the meantime, “Stay Connected!”