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Par Eva Dieudonné

Every week, our experts analyze the trends, and updates of the digital marketing world. Here is last week’s most interesting news.


AMP Conquers the Shoe Industry

AMP allows publishers to improve the performance of web content and ads on mobile. This open source initiative is not only used for publishers, it can also be used by shoe retailers. This article proves that AMP can boost local store visibility online.

Identifying High-Quality Guest Blogging Opportunities

Even though guest blogging can be a controversial strategy, it is a method that is still widely used. It consists of writing posts to be published on other bloggers’ blogs to expand your brand’s reach. However, there are some tactics to follow. Here are 6 tips for a high-quality guest blogging strategy.

The New SEO Challenges to Overcome

This article examines the SEO challenges you will most likely face and proposes solutions to overcome them. How to use keywords, how social media affects your strategy, how to improve your local ranking… the answers are in this article.

70+ Ways to Improve Your Site’s Search Rankings

Here is a complete guide to the best SEO techniques, ranging from branding and link building to UX design and tools.


The Element Visibility Trigger in Google Tag Manager

The Element Visibility in Google Tag Manager is the new favourite feature of Simo Ahava,  Google Developer Expert at Reaktor. It lets you track elements that are visible or become visible in a browser’s viewpoint. The author shows us how to install, and when to fire, this trigger.

Video Ad Specs for PPC Campaigns

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Bing, Pinterest, Yahoo, all these social media platforms offer so many possibilities of advertising your products/services and your brand in video form! In this article, you will find an infographic that explains them all.

5 Ways to Increase Your AdWords CTR

In this article, the author recommends 5 advanced ways to increase your AdWords CTR. Negative keywords, duplicate keywords, location bidding, among others, are the parameters to keep in mind. The author also insists that it is important to remember that “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

How to Save on AdWords

In this article, the author reveals 15 default AdWords settings that are draining your bank account and cause you to spend more than you need. He also provides some tips on how to save when using AdWords.


7 “Smart” Ways to Respond to Negative Feedback on Your Content

Brian Appleton, content marketer and professional blogger, shares 7 tips that he uses when responding to negative feedback. These tips are based on his experience and they enable you to strengthen your audience relationship and show off your brand’s fun, yet professional, personality.

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