Digital Marketing Hot Topics – October 7 to 13, 2017

20.10.17 | News

Par Eva Dieudonné

Every week, our experts analyze the trends, and updates of the digital marketing world. Here is last week’s most interesting news.


The Future of Content and SEO

Wondering how content marketing and SEO can boost your website? Read these 5 trends about the hyperlocal revolution, voice search and most importantly, AI and machine learning.

Proximity: The #1 Local Search Ranking Factor

According to Google, proximity is THE most dominant factor when it comes to local search. If your business is located too far from the searcher, it will not appear in the first few results. However, other factors such as relevance and prominence will also make your business show up in the results.

What Is TF-IDF?

You’ve come across TF-IDF, but don’t know what it means? TF-IDF is short for “Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency”. It is a strategy used by search engines to score and rank a document’s relevance for any given search query. The author believes that this concept has been misunderstood by a number of marketers. He provides a good example showing the frequencies of the common words among the last three U.S. presidents.

What Is Not Affecting Your Google Rankings?

The Whiteboard Friday is back! In last week’s edition, Rand showed 10 things that do not directly affect your Google Rankings. These include the use of Google apps and services, page shares on social media, and separators used in your title.

Efficient Link Building Techniques

In this article, the author talks about the importance of understanding the fundamentals of link building and the various steps to improve targeted outreach and potential link types.

When the big links aren’t on the table this is the link building advice you need to read

The Best Free Software for SEO

It is important to learn about SEO tools when you first start your business and also to help it bloom. This article summarizes 19 tools that can analyze your SEO, obtain links, track your competitors, and above all, boost your business.


Email Marketing for High Impact and Subscriber Satisfaction

There are a wide variety of marketing techniques for targeting your audience. However, email marketing is sometimes neglected. Sending emails is an effective way to stay connected with your subscribers and is a great technique for increasing reach and impact. This article reviews 11 steps to a successful email marketing technique.

Finally, Apple Search Ads Is Available in Canada!

This week, Apple Store announced that Search Ads are expanding to Canada, Mexico, and Switzerland starting October 17. Apple is offering a $100 USD credit for first-time advertisers. It is a great opportunity to advertise your company!

Call-Only Ad Extensions Can Increase Traffic

Learn about the different types of ad extensions and how they can help you earn business by attracting prospects with more coherent and engaging campaigns.

How to Decrease CPC

CPC or “Cost Per Click” is a type of advertising in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked. It depends on the quality score and bidding. This article summarizes different tips and tricks to decrease CPC in order to optimize your budget, increase traffic, and decrease CPA.

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