Google Ad Grants

google ads grantsGoogle Ad Grants – Get $10,000 of free advertising on Google to promote your charity!

You’ve probably heard of Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising campaigns, but have you ever heard of Google Ad Grants?

What is Google Ad Grants?

Google Ad Grants is a version of AdWords (that is, Google’s online advertising tool) especially for non-profit organizations. With a grant equivalent to $10,000 per month of AdWords advertising, Google allows non-profits to promote their missions and initiatives free on Google search result pages.

In this way, the Google Ad Grants program provides a real opportunity for you to benefit from maximum visibility on Google and to get the word out about your organization without having to spend a part of your marketing budget.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Google Ad Grants is open to all charities and non-profits. However, to qualify, an organization must meet certain requirements, such as having current and valid charity status in Canada and a functioning website with substantial content. For more information on the eligibility of non-profit organizations, Google has provided a complete guide on the subject. If you’d rather know right away if your organization is eligible for Google Ad Grants, contact us.

How do you qualify for Google Ad Grants?

For your organization to benefit from the $10,000 per month AdWords credit offered by Google to non-profits, you must begin by applying to Google for Non-Profits. Then you need to register for the Google Ad Grants program from your Google AdWords account. Once your enrollment in Google Ad Grants is validated by Google, you build and manage your own AdWords account, as would a paying advertiser. However, you must observe certain restrictions:

It is important to note that you can only promote ads and keywords that focus on your mission. To make your Adwords campaign a success and to get the most out of Google Ad Grants, however, you need to know the best way to write your ad and to select the right keywords that lead to the best click through rate.

As experts in Google AdWords advertising, the team at Index Web Marketing will handle all aspects of your campaign, from creating compelling ads to tracking conversions and managing your campaign. As a result, you will attract more traffic to your site and increase donations to your cause.

What are the advantages for your charitable organization?

Our Google AdWords team of experts can help your non-profit organization determine your eligibility for Google Ad Grants, and we can set up your first campaign. If you’d like to know more about the Google Ad Grants program, please use our contact form. We will gladly answer all your questions.