How to do an SEO audit of your website ?




In recent years, the concept of natural referencing optimization or SEO analysis (Search Engine Optimization) has gained momentum in the philosophy of companies. With the constant evolution and complexity of search engine algorithms, it is crucial to understand the importance of SEO and how to do an SEO audit in order to position your site on search engines in an effective way.


What is natural referencing optimization?

Natural referencing optimization or SEO is a set of methods which increase the visibility of a website in order to position it in the first natural results of a search engine, especially Google or Bing. This is therefore an essential step in the development of your web strategy and your notoriety, which begins with an SEO analysis.


Why is it important to do an SEO analysis?

The Web is constantly in evolution with thousands of pages published every day. In order to provide relevant information, Google and Bing have developed algorithms that analyze the meaning of the words entered to make it easier to identify the pages that best meet the needs of the Internet user. For businesses, this is where SEO is used to attract visitors to your pages and create traffic that can turn into a prospect and then into a customer. It is therefore important to know how to do an SEO audit of your site or web page so that it is displayed on the first page by Google or Bing.


How to do an SEO audit

A website referral strategy is an ongoing process that only produces long-term results. To properly define and carry out your SEO strategy, it is important for you to know how to do an SEO audit or SEO analysis of your page. For your audit, you must take into consideration the following two SEO criteria:

On-site referencing includes the following elements: html tags (title, meta-description and level of Hn titles), rich snippets, structure of URLs, loading time, internal mesh, relevance of keywords, placement of keywords in their content and densities, originality and quality of page content.

Called Netlinking, off-site SEO affects things that are outside of your web page. The following should be taken into consideration: the popularity of the site (the domain authority), the links that redirect to your page from other sites (the backlinks) and the social links.

During your SEO audit, it is essential to measure the volume of traffic to your site in order to assess the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns, and if necessary, make any changes on the negative points to better meet the SEO criteria of the search engines.

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