Newsletter n#1 – Digital marketing hot topics – June 30th to July 6th, 2017

Here are a few updates regarding some hot topics relating to SEO in Canada and the world for the past week – June 30th to July 6th, 2017


This article focuses on the importance for companies to diversify their strategy aimed at acquiring backlinks and maintaining their ranking. It points out that guest blogging shouldn’t be the only component of your strategy but should be applied in combination with 5 other strategies:

Want more customers? Get more subscribers first! This post provides 7 tips on how to convert website visitors into subscribers:

Here is a 21 minutes video, presented as a tutorial, to help users finding PBN’s in order to create links to a website, with tools like Ahrefs, Screaming Frog and Majestic SEO Bulk:

This post give suggests new features to add to your audit. These tips and tools will help you to organize and set up your SEO audit, keeping in mind the current challenges faced by the industry:


This post looks at the biggest trends and changes that happened during this year. It focuses on the importance of Machine Learning and how it is powering every innovation in search marketing as well as conversion tracking. Finally, it sheds light on the launch of Google Attribution, announced during the Google Marketing Next 2017 annual conference [an article about the conference will soon be up on our website]. This free tool analyzes the impact of different marketing strategies on the consumer purchase journey:


This post describes 4 main awareness strategies to help your brand gain more visibility and, as a result, increase your number of impressions:

This post gives some insights about dynamic display remarketing campaigns, presented by David Meindl, an expert automotive PPC analyst who works at Mudd Advertising. He was the first one to use dynamic remarketing and Google Display Network (GDN) to benefit the automotive sector:

In this post, we can learn about how Google has been working towards eliminating the “last click attribution” to adopt a strategy focusing more on getting information on the consumers’ entire purchase process:


This article proposes a list of the major highlights for the month of June: algorithms, new measures to block intrusive ads, new features for Google My Business, as well as other updates on Google:

Recently, a new strain of ransomware attack broke out. Several European and American firms were infected by the new ransomware called Petya/GoldenEye. Here is what you must know on Petya/GoldenEye to prevent this attack:

Apple enables video playback directly in email on mobile and desktop: