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judith en action

Welcome to the second edition of Inside Index. Every two weeks, we invite you to discover our agency through exclusive interviews with our experts. 

This week we interview Judith, Bilingual Content Manager at Index Montreal.

Judith Brown is a Quebecer whose parents and siblings moved here from England before she was born. She began working at Index three years ago. While working on other projects, an Index employee who has since left the agency and whom she had previously met when they both worked at the same museum, told her that Jeremy, our founder, was looking for a person who could complete a translation job for the website and who could work on other projects in English for the agency. Rigorous, hard, and precise work led to Judith becoming the bilingual content manager she is today.

A reliable source of information for clients

Judith’s primary mission is writing blog posts for our clients as well as content for their web pages. Her goal is clear and simple, she aims to “improve the brand image of clients while making sure they are seen as a reliable source information!”

Education and information are key

Content marketing has become the latest buzzword. So what does that mean for Judith, an expert in content creation? The most important things for her are education and information “so that our clients can meet the needs of their customers by providing them with complete information on the products and services they sell.” By applying this approach to the way she writes and communicates, she ensures that “our clients can build a relationship of trust with their customers.”

Knowing how to adapt to change is fundamental

Judith needs to be versatile because she writes content covering a wide variety of topics depending on the client’s area of business. “My most difficult personal challenge was writing for engineers.” But, as a result of expertise and experience, she has been able to adapt to each different business environment that comes along, including engineering. “I know how to do research, how to find the right information, how to evaluate different sources and judge whether they are reliable or not.”

Creating authentic and reliable content is the definition of performance for a writer

Performance is one of the key values at Index, and Judith fully understands this. With the amount of information available and the number of articles that can be found on the Internet, it is easy to get lost. As Content Manager, Judith has established priorities and believes that all content must be “authentic and reliable for the user. That is performance for me as a copywriter.” She relies on “information supported by scientific research and research in the field.”

Critical thinking. Organization. Meticulousness.

For Judith, these 3 qualities are essential to being a good bilingual content manager. “An ability to think critically so you can analyze and evaluate information found online, an ability to organize so you can arrange your thoughts into easy-to-read articles and bring an added value to readers so they can find answers to their questions, and, finally, to be meticulous and to care about quality.”

A question from Sean, SEO expert at Index @Toronto

How do you value the importance of content for SEO purposes?

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become an extremely important part of writing for the web today, and Judith has managed to integrate the concept into her writing. “I’m more efficient now and it’s easier for me to write from an SEO perspective.” She effectively formulates the writing of an article around a keyword predefined by one of our SEO experts, all while thinking about keeping the interest of readers. “I try in my writing to have the keyword appear naturally in the text. I write more for humans than for bots, otherwise my writing would not make sense.”

See you in 2 weeks for the next edition of Inside Index, the only blog giving you behind-the-scenes insights into the life of an agency specializing in web marketing!