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16.12.15 | News / Online Advertising

Par Audrey Lemarec

Are you looking to advertise on LinkedIn?

linkedin-adsThe Index agency can design your LinkedIn campaign by developing a marketing strategy specific to your business, your goals and your needs.

Our team of experts can guide you and assist you in the development and evolution of your advertising, and therefore your reputation.


1. Configure your LinkedIn account

To create your advertising campaign, all you need is a LinkedIn account and to determine the type of ad you wish to use.
LinkedIn offers two types of campaign options:

  • A LinkedIn Text Ads campaign comprised of: a headline (25 characters, maximum), an image (50*50) and a description (75 characters, maximum) which is optimized for desktops only.
  • A Sponsored Posts campaign which is an update that comes from one of your own publications (an article, an interview, or another piece of content) and is optimized for computers, mobile phones and tablets.

Each of these campaigns includes a destination URL.

Once created, the ad campaign enables you to:

  • Increase visibility of your brand logo on the LinkedIn home page, on member profile pages and on other pages of the site in a banner dedicated to advertising campaigns.
  • Attract new potential customers, targeting them directly using the search tool.
  • Manage your own budget (with CPC), with no contract and no obligation.


2. Strategically target

Once your LinkedIn campaign is created, it is time to focus on targeting.
In addition to precisely targeting your audience, LinkedIn allows you to define:

  • Geographical location (region, country, city)
  • Category of economic activity (industry and company size)
  • Job title by category (job function and seniority)
  • School name
  • Skills
  • Goups
  • Gender
  • Age range

3. Maximize your LinkedIn advertising

Once your ad campaign is posted on LinkedIn, our team at Index takes care of analyzing your campaign’s performance. The analysis is based on the clickthrough rate (CTR), which measures the current effectiveness of your advertising.

Manage your advertising budget

For each type of campaign, LinkedIn offers the choice of two methods of payment:

  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)

Once you choose a method of payment, you then determine the maximum amount you wish to pay per click or per thousand impressions by bidding in an auction. After that, you decide on a daily budget for your campaign.

From a strategic point of view, Index uses CPC exclusively for two reasons:

  • CPC costs less than CPM.
  • CPC offers the guarantee of paying only when there is an interest shown by visitors.

The advantage with LinkedIn advertising is that you can always control your budget and improve the performance of your campaign, and thus your return on investment.
Become one of our partners and we will design a relevant strategy that will optimize the your business growth.


Video tutorials of the four key steps:

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