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What is it?

These days consumers’ lives can be described as being divided into a series of micro-moments, each of these micro-moments can inspire a real-time action motivated by a specific intention.

A micro-moment is a moment when a consumer uses a mobile device to get information, in that moment, on an immediate or future purchase.

As a result of this consumer behavior, you can track how a user navigates your mobile app and gather insightful information, which can then be used to target customers during their micro-moments. The goal is to obtain their permission to send them future notifications.

“Want to know, want to go, want to do, want to buy.”

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Why ?

For businesses, the challenge is to respond in a way that best meets consumer expectations.

To do this, as a business, you must:

  • Know the best time to provide a consumer with supplemental information.
  • Know when a consumer wants to buy.
  • Optimize your website for ease of navigation across all devices, for a better user experience.
  • Track every stage of the consumer online buying process.


How ?

The key is, then, to optimize your app and your website in order to provide the accurate information that Internet users want.



The IDEA cycle is a strategy with 4 steps:

    • Identify: Identify the user’s needs (where, what, when, why, and how).
      • Design: Design the content of your app and how a user interacts with it.
        The key here is simplicity.
        • Engineer: Engineer your app for the user’s expectations while keeping in mind the desired response.
          • Analyze: Analyze your results. The goal is to convert a visitor into a buying customer, so it is important to grab and hold the consumer’s attention while encouraging customer loyalty.


What marketers can do during micro-moments:

  • Make it easier for an impulse moment to become a buying moment.
  • Establish contact and maintain a relationship with your customer.
  • Highlight your presence to enhance your visibility and reputation.
  • Push your customers to take action by creating alerts and notifications.

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  • WTSO sends a notification that sounds like glasses clinking in a toast to announce a new wine on promotion.
  • Your watch can tell you that you are about to be late for an appointment.
  • Notify your customers that they need to take action soon, like Nike does when their customers’ shoes wear out.
  • Sephora tells you when you’re near a store that is offering benefits.



At Index we offer you complete optimization of your website that will convert your visitors into buying customers.
According to a before/after analysis, done following optimization of our clients’ websites, you will be able to increase your conversions by 15% by adding micro-moments.


Posted 17/12/2015

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