Trends, updates, new tools, new features … What are the key takeaways from the latest Worldwide Web news for the week of July 7 to 13, 2017?

SEO News/Tools

Email Outreach Tips: +22 link building email templates

This article reveals the best email templates for email outreach when looking to acquire new backlinks. For a successful approach, the author recommends proposing things like guest blogs, infographics, or content collaboration ::

What is the most genius way for search engine optimization?

The article revisits a seldom used, but no less effective, SEO technique: Updating your content. To illustrate this, the author presents a case study by Process St “How Updating an Old Post Boosted Pageviews by 468%”:

Topic Clusters: The Next Evolution of SEO

Search engines such as Google now focus on thematic content. So this article presents 3 recommendations for implementing this approach:

How to Implement SEO Changes Using Google Tag Manager

GTM (Google Tag Manager) is a very effective tool for implementing changes (eg, page title, canonical tags, page content) on the website. The article shows how to identify changes and gives practical advice to users who would like to implement them on their site (knowledge of CSS selectors, HTML, java, etc.):

Not Your Dad’s Keyword Tool: Advanced Keyword Research Use Cases

This article proposes a more complete approach for the use of the various keyword planning tools (for example Keyword Explorer) and their functionalities (eg, comparison of lists, grouping by lexicon) in order to improve your strategy:

Les SiteLinks (Liens de Site), comment ça marche? Vidéo SEO

If you are wondering what SiteLinks are and how they work, this 6-minute video in French reveals Google’s strategy for displaying them:

Key notes on optimising voice search: Conversation, content and context

This article gives an overview of the latest marketing phenomenon, voice search. It then explores a few tips on how to use it, future updates and how to integrate it into your strategy:

SEM News/Tools

Google experiments with VR ads

Google is launching virtual reality advertising … Through its Area 120 incubator, Google is currently working on the launch of Advr, a small interactive cube that automatically triggers an ad when prompted by the user directly or through extended observation by the user. This article details this project and presents a first overview of its operation in a short video:

Why I Tested a Facebook Audience with Zero Targeting Restrictions

The author of this article presents an unprecedented experiment, which he set up with his team: launch a campaign to prompt app installs without using targeting. While relying only on available data, basic tools, and the test, the campaign generated interesting results (42% decrease in the CPI and a 49% increase in the conversion rate):

7 features you’ll only find in the new AdWords interface

This article presents a synopsis of recent features added to the AdWords platform, such as the new “audience page” and household income targeting. It also informs users about future updates, such as the long-awaited Google Attribution, detailed in our previous newsletter or the new sales analytics tool that is directly synchronized with AdWords:

Web & Tech News

Muzzle App: A simple Mac app to silence embarrassing notifications while screensharing

Finally a tool that makes it easy to turn off notifications during screen-sharing conferences. How? By  automatically activating “do not disturb” mode. Muzzle App is compatible with many systems such as Skype, Hangouts, JoinMe, and so on: Your Marketing Glossary Buddy

Did someone use a marketing term that you totally didn’t get at the last meeting? This site is a practical dictionary containing more than one hundred marketing and web marketing terms to help you avoid those awkward moments of misunderstanding at work:

What we learned from “SEO: The Movie”

“SEO: The Movie” is a 40 minute documentary, created by the Ignite Visibility web marketing agency. John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility, and several SEO pioneers retrace the history of SEO from its origins to the present day, concluding with what’s in store for the future:

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