The resident experts at Index want to highlight 6 things that marked the digital news this past week, with a particular emphasis on Paid Social. Trends, updates, new tools, new features for advertisers on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, here’s what you need to know!

LinkedIn Native Ads Arriving Soon in Outlook Emails

As Google does with the email database of its users, LinkedIn (recently acquired by Microsoft) will now send sponsored content to Outlook email users. The purpose of this initiative? To increase the reach and engagement of campaigns beyond their traditional arenas.

Your Complete Guide to Targeting Options for LinkedIn Ads

A handy infographic explaining LinkedIn Ads: the various formats, all targeting options, plus the scope in terms of audience size.

LinkedIn Tests Autoplay for Video Ads

By mid-year, LinkedIn users will be able to see sponsored videos play automatically in their feed. Tested only on mobile, for now, autoplay video ads will be set up via Campaign Manager and will have the same targeting options as regular ads.

Instagram Tests Collection Ads

The Facebook Collection Ads format, available since March 2017, highlights a brand’s product lines and directs users to the brand’s website for quick purchasing. Instagram is currently testing the product with a limited number of advertisers but could expand the feature to more advertisers in the near future. Stay tuned!

Transparency in Political Ads on Facebook: Traditional Media Calls for Contributions from the Public!

Facebook Ads diverge from traditional ads because they rely on precise targeting and are only seen by a strictly defined audience. In the case of political campaigns, these capabilities can be used for discriminatory purposes. To reframe the issue, ProPublica has designed the Facebook Political Ad Collector, a browser extension that logs political ads into a database for future analysis.

The Power of Geolocation for Your Facebook Ads

visuel représentant la géolocalisation

Adding geolocation to your Facebook campaigns can increase the return on investment of your paid social campaigns, AdWeek concluded this week. This article questions the effectiveness of national campaigns while emphasizing the importance of targeting the right neighborhood and the usefulness of combining geolocation with other user data.

Posted 16/02/2018

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