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Our WordPress hosting service is optimized for configuration. Over and above classic hosting, we provide a multitude of services that improve and optimize the usability and functionality of WordPress. Here are the different services and applications that enhance the capabilities of your WordPress site.

Our SiteVolt technology: Because speed is important

  • For every 100 milliseconds it takes a page to load, you lose 20% of your users (Google study).
  • Loading time is factored into search engine rankings.
  • The fastest site will always have an edge.
  • Our SiteVolt technology increases the performance of your WordPress site.

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Incredibly fast, foolproof reliability

  • No more configuring of your cache management plug-ins!
  • Our WordPress hosting architecture is automatically configured to provide you with the best possible WordPress Hosting.
  • We never put your site offline on the pretext that there is too much traffic, as do many web hosts!

Your WordPress has been hacked? We solve the problem free of charge!

  • We automatically scan for and block all the numerous attempts to hack into your site.
  • We guarantee to do our utmost to prevent hacking of your WordPress site.
  • If your site does get hacked, we will provide a solution free of charge.

Automatic backup. Security. Pro-activity.

  • Benefit from our one-click backup and recovery system, free!
  • We also install security updates automatically so you don’t have to worry about them.
  • No other WordPress host has the security for your website that we do.

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The WordPress functions that you ask for

  • We never refuse a request to install new features.
  • The Sandbox feature is included with your subscription. Use this plug-in to make tests without any effect on your live site.

Lost among the thousands of plug-ins available?

  • There are thousands of plug-ins and thousands of themes on WordPress.
  • We work with the WordPress community and their developers.
  • Benefit from our experience. We will find what you are looking for!

Powerful professional tools

  • A range of tools and services to help you build the best custom WordPress sites.
  • On demand, benefit from our premium WordPress plug-ins, free!
  • Constant security updates and constant updates of our tools.

Support for migrating your site

  • Migrating your site to our host is easy and problem-free.
  • We help you migrate your site to our services.

The technical details

  • If you are a geek (like us), you will most probably want to see the technical details of our hosting solution. No problem, just contact us!

Quality WordPress support

  • Many hosting services claim to have good customer service, without actually having a skilled team.
  • Our team members are WordPress experts. You will never hear, “Sorry, we can’t do that…”

These features make using WordPress easy by automating administrative tasks, which saves you a significant amount of time. Contact us now to learn more!

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