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Intranet Sites: Solutions for Your Business

Index Web Marketing creates, designs and develops custom intranet sites for companies like yours. Contact us through our online form to take advantage of our services.

Why an intranet?

There are many advantages for a company to having an intranet, which is a special reserved section on the company website. It is an indispensable tool for systematizing the inner workings of the various departments of your company. It is also a useful tool for increasing productivity. It is accessible by administrators, employees, collaborators, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

While all companies have similar needs, each organization also has its specific needs that are not being met by the current solutions on the market. The possibilities of the Index Web Marketing agency intranet are endless because we custom program your intranet to meet your company’s needs.

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Direct advantages of an intranet

An intranet is the default management tool for businesses today. It is also the most powerful communication tool there is for a company because it combines in a single interface all the tools you are currently using, such as email, messaging, press releases, and so on. Discover in our article the five most popular features of an intranet!

Tools we have developed:

  • Employee management: Punch System
  • Payroll management: Timesheet System
  • Project management and monitoring of tasks: Real-time interactive tasks lists
  • Communications management
  • Time management and coordination: Real-time interactive agenda or calendar
  • Management of contacts: Contact List
  • Management of invoices and payments
  • Resume (CV) database: Systematization the registration process
  • Company website dashboard: Content management system
  • Instant messaging
  • Email inbox
  • Systematized press releases and memos
  • Space for documents relating to the company: File manager
  • Documentation system (Wiki): Knowledge sharing among employees
  • Password management

Examples of custom programming:

  • Custom accounting system
  • Call center
  • Inventory System
  • CRM: Notification system
  • Language management (English, French, Spanish …)
  • And more

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Indirect advantages of an intranet

Upon installation of your intranet, your company will benefit from the following advantages:

  • You will save time (and therefore money)
  • The intranet is accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Team work and internal collaborations are made easy
  • Errors resulting from poor communication are reduced
  • Management and internal communication become easier and more effective
  • Productivity increases

For optimal communication and seamless management, contact our agency to get a powerful intranet tailored to your needs.


More than a website, you are looking for a practical way to improve the level of interaction, the level of engagement, of your employees, something that can also be a source of inspiration for employees to improve their work and their collaborations.

A powerful and effective intranet that can keep employees informed, motivated, and productive requires access to resources such as graphic design, development, deployment, writing, project management, and project governance.

Our work platforms support both project governance and outcome tracking.

We have developed a solution that stands out because of its wide range of functions, such as collaborative company workspaces and company social networking, a portal, and content management and document management systems. These functions provide easy access to all your online tools.

The goal when we develop a custom intranet for our clients is to find the best balance between their digital workspace and their organization.

Companies that invest in an intranet are those that have a sense of urgency about creating better leverage for their business, maximizing talent, encouraging innovation, and gaining visibility throughout their value chain of partnerships and suppliers, as well as throughout their markets. These companies are investing in intranets now.

For more information about our specialized intranets for companies, contact us without delay.


Experience has taught us well when it comes to customer service. We quickly learned one of the most important things in business. That is, give the client a tangible return on investment. We will always strive to provide an accurate and precise ROI. Your satisfaction is our primary concern.

SiteVolt has created an interactive platform, dedicated to media professionals, for the Tonik and Kay Production agencies. This platform greatly simplifies the work of artists by bringing together in one place resources such as albums and album extracts, press images, press releases, and much more.

The team

The SiteVolt team’s talent, passion, motivation, and expertise are outstanding. They have the necessary experience, knowledge, and know-how to help you successfully develop your custom intranet.

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