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Website Optimization

Index offers Website Optimization Consultancy Services, mainly using HTML and PHP languages. As an official Google Partner®, Index has a successful track record supporting clients with corporate identity, ease of navigation linked to optimal content and leveraging the website architecture.


IWM is a Montreal based internet development agency

At our internet development agency, we believe that we can make a better website when we truly get to know the company we are working for. This way, the corporate identity we create will be a good fit for the corporate culture. It is that additional touch that makes the difference.

Our products are not bubbles out of a web designer’s head. They are the ideas of our customers that we help shape into a final product.


Are you still hesitant about the advantages of having a web site for your business?

Here are some advantages that will convince you. They prove that our vision is to attain your goals: attract customers, grow your sales or maintain your success.

  • Globalization of your target audience
  • Reduction of phone workload (no more questions about opening hours!)
  • Online showroom open 24/7 showcasing the products and services of your business.
  • Better customer service with corporate e-mail
  • Instant updates for promotions, rebates or other events.

Website Optimization Consultancy Services also include mobile devices – smartphones and tablets.



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These companies trusted us to develop their business through digital strategies.

While our headquarters are in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), our clients of all sizes range from multinational corporations (Canada, Brazil, USA, France, ... ) to local brands.