Universal Analytics (UA) Shutdown: Our solution for a smooth transition to GA4

The shutdown of Google Analytics 3, also known as Google Universal Analytics (UA), is imminent. This shutdown marks a significant milestone in the world of data collection and web analysis. Starting from July 1, 2024, GA3 will cease to function, and all valuable data collected over several years associated with your GA3 account will be deleted permanently. This imminent closure necessitates a carefully prepared transition to avoid any data loss to ensure continuity in analyzing your online performance and consequently, the success of your business.

Understanding the transition from Google Analytics 3 to Google Analytics 4

Universal Analytics (UA) has been a cornerstone of web analytics for many years, providing analysis tools and insights into user online behaviours and website performance. However, with Google Analytics 3 shutdown now taking place, it is crucial to migrate to Google Analytics 4.

GA4 represents a significant improvement over its predecessor, offering a more modern and comprehensive approach to data collection and web analysis. GA4 introduces advanced features such as event-based data collection, user-centric measurement, and enhanced machine learning capabilities. This new version is designed to meet the privacy needs of internet users and is also designed to track web analytics across multiple platforms.

Why is the transition to GA4 important?

The transition to GA4 is not just a technical update, but a strategic opportunity to optimize your marketing efforts and take advantage of the numerous benefits offered by the new version. Here are some reasons that highlight the importance of this transition:

What happens if I don’t migrate my Universal Analytics Google account?

Not migrating your GA3 data to GA4 carries significant risks:

Our backup solution to facilitate the transition of your precious Data to GA4

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The closure of Google Analytics Universal is fast approaching! And if you’re unsure about how to proceed, you’re in luck because we can help you transition to Google Analytics 4. We’ve developed ALYA Bridge, an efficient backup service that facilitates the extraction and migration of your data from GA3 (Universal Analytics) to GA4.

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Here’s how you can utilize our backup solution:

  1. Connect to Google BigQuery: Connect your Google Analytics 4 property to Google BigQuery for better data management.
  2. Extract GA3 Data: Our application named ALYA Bridge simplifies the process of backing up your data. In a few minutes, you can back up your data by choosing the sessions and desired period, while integrating the data into your existing BigQuery if necessary.
  3. Data Migration: Set up a GA4 property alongside your GA3 property to familiarize yourself with GA4 while still having access to GA3 data. You can gradually use GA4 while maintaining the availability of your GA3 data for a smooth transition.
  4. Expert Tips: Our experts are trained to use Google’s official guides and resources to facilitate the transition. Contact us to discover our success stories and benefit from our expertise.

Google Analytics 3 shutdown is imminent and inevitable. By embracing this change now, you can fully exploit the potential of GA4 and ensure a smooth transition. The transition from GA3 to Google Analytics 4 using our application will enable you and your business to access all your data, obtain valuable insights through artificial intelligence, and make strategic decisions that will undoubtedly bring success.

Contact us today to ensure a successful migration and maximize the opportunities offered by GA4.

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