Develop Your Skills With Online Web Marketing Training

Index now offers online web marketing training in the form of a Webinar. Whether individually or in a group, the agency will be happy to work with you. The training is eligible under the Act to Promote Workforce Skills Development and Recognition (the 1% law), because Index is now a training body approved by the commission of the partners of the labor market for the purposes of the application of the law promoting the development and the recognition of workforce skills.

Our web marketing online training services

For individual training, these are always given in private. The web marketing online training is offered in 3 hour time slots. The person taking the training is able to interact with the trainer at all times. By choosing this option, the subject of the training is more specific to meet a business need and it is deepened using different levels of learning (101, 201, 301). In addition, it is possible to further customize the training.

For group training, these can accommodate a maximum of 100 people simultaneously. The duration of the web marketing online training is 4 hours. In group training, the topics will be more generic in order to reach a larger audience. For this option, it is not possible to customize the training. However, the quality of the content will remain the same and will not be affected.

It should be noted that our in-person web and digital marketing training is still offered both individually and in groups. These can be given to our agency or to a company. However, the applicable conditions will be subject to change. In addition, travel costs will be applicable for in-company training.

Why is it important to invest in training?

Whether individual or in groups, training can only be beneficial for your business. Training has several benefits and that is why the 1% law encourages companies to invest in such training. 

For companies, training is a good way to grow their human capital. In addition, it allows qualified personnel to participate in its growth. Training is also a boon for team spirit, as the organization allows its employees to grow as a work team and thus shows that everyone is an important piece of the puzzle. The responsibility of each in the development of the business ensures that it shows its strength.

Besides the fact that training has a direct impact on business growth. Training also has an impact on the employees themselves. Taking online web marketing training allows them to grow within the organization by acquiring new knowledge that may lead them to evolve in his workplace. In addition, training also allows employees to build confidence in the tasks they perform and thus to have the feeling of being in control of the work they do.

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If you need more information about our online web marketing training, we will be happy to discuss it with you. Otherwise, we invite you to contact us to make an appointment to follow the training of your choice.

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