DIGITAL MARKETING HOT TOPICS – Edition #26 “International Women’s Day”

femmes dans un environnement de travail en discussion

This week, the Index team brings you a special edition of the Digital News focusing on advertising, marketing and digital hot topics relating to International Women’s Day 2018. Social networks and top companies are getting involved and we want to know all about it!

International Women’s Day reached peak search interest in March 2017

Google data shows that Internet users’ interest in gender equality and the role of women in society continues to grow. Last March, the term “International Women’s Day” reached its highest search rate on Google, a finding that was similar to searches related to gender equality overall!

Alexa and her creepy laughs will be fixed (LOL)

Alexa, it seems, has a strong personality and sometimes does whatever she feels like. In fact, she has been surprising numerous users with a sudden outburst of laughter. Amazon is working on a way to fix this minor problem that has probably startled more than a few users.

Twitter runs its first Oscars TV Ad dedicated to women empowerment

For its first advertising campaign, Twitter is dedicating a TV spot to women. Premiered during the Oscars broadcast, it shows a range of women from 20 to 82 years of age in all their diversity and edited to the beat of a poem by Denice Frohman. With the hashtag #HereWeAre, Twitter shows its commitment to gender equality.

Twitter’s Powerful Anthem to Women Makes Its TV Debut During the Oscars

Facebook is celebrating Internation Women’s Day 2018 with stats

For International Women’s Day, Facebook is also showing its commitment by releasing an infographic grouping together significant data relating to women on the social network. Did you know, for example, that 40% of active groups on a monthly basis were created by women?

Infographic: Facebook celebrates Int’l Women’s Day with stats

In the latest New York Times spot for “The Truth Is Hard” ad campaign, Droga5 highlights some of the lingering problems concerning women’s rights issues from around the world. A minimalist concept featuring key headlines from important events, published in the NY Time, it’s a beautiful ad rich in meaning!

Droga5 Launches International Women’s Day Extension of ‘The Truth Is Hard’ for The New York Times

Dell is showing its support for the fight for gender equality by launching a call to action to all other big business with the hashtag #PressforProgress. This follows the recent involvement of CEO Michael Dell in the Catalyst CEO Champions for Change project, joining 50 of the largest companies to accelerate the rate of the inclusion of women in corporate roles.

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