Digital Marketing Hot Topics – Edition #14

Every week, our experts analyze the trends, and updates of the digital marketing world. Here is last week’s most interesting news.


How to Get Your Website to Show Up on the First Page of Google Using Google’s Local Filter

Google filters, are they your friends or your enemies? In this article, Sherry Bonnelli shows us a multitude of factors to keep in mind to get your website to show up on local search results. These include choosing the right Google My Business category, the business’s physical address, encouraging customers to leave reviews, and interacting with your visitors through Google+. Read more here:

The Complete Guide to SEO in 2018

Here’s the complete guide to SEO, version 2018, by Backlinko! You are probably wondering what is in it? For example, this guide explains how videos (YouTube) can improve SEO but also the techniques for optimizing your content for voice search.

13 Outdated SEO Tactics

In this article, Jeremy Knauff reveals several SEO tactics that were used in 2017, but that he thinks were useless and ineffective. Link directories, exact-match domains, and writing for bots rather than people are the various techniques that need to be reevaluated according to Search Engine Land. Focusing on quality content and developing relationships to obtain backlinks are the most effective strategies.

Keyword Clustering Can Help Your SEO

Keyword clustering allows us to group keywords during the content optimization process. Ann Smarty, chief editor at Search Engine Journal, recommends Serpstat, but SpyFu or Wordstream are also among your options. This article will help you improve SEO and increase traffic to your site at the same time.

The Periodic Table of Link Acquisition for SEO

This article summarizes various link building tactics which are often used across several industries. The author also provides a step-by-step a guide, dubbed the periodic table, to help you create a method for link building.

Leverage Google Posts to Advertise Your Business

With Google Posts, businesses have the opportunity to create posts – maximum 300 words – directly visible below the business’s profile on Google, for an unlimited amount of time! To promote a new event, to open a new location, to advertise open enrollment, post them all via Google My Business!

“SEO is dead!” – A Survey Reveals the Biggest SEO Myth

Following the results from this #SEJSurveySays poll question which was launched via Twitter, the Search Engine Journal reveals the 4 most commonly held beliefs about SEO! You will be shocked to learn that SEO is not dead, but instead in full development: new ways to do a search, new devices, and new types of searches will only renew SEO.


Google Introduces Parallel Tracking to Speed Up Landing Pages

Parallel tracking works by sending users from your ad to the final URL while at the same time, in the background, the AdWords click tracking, the tracking URL, and other redirects load. It also helps to increase your page loading speed as well as ensure a higher conversion rate on your website.


Parallel Tracking


5 Ways to Improve Your ROI with AdWords

In this article, the author states 5 ways big budget advertisers get high ROI from AdWords. Focus on adding negative keywords, using more Ad Extensions, having more landing pages, tracking conversions, and being more active in your AdWords account.


How to Increase Customer Lifetime Value and Boost Profits

Here are 3 strategies your business can use to increase customer lifetime value. Do you wish to increase your sales per order, to increase your sales over time, or to reduce costs to serve customers? Simply develop a good customer relationship through good communication, personalizing your offers, or re-engaging with prior customers.

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