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This week, as they do every week, our experts have researched and analyzed the most recent trends and updates, plus the newest tools and features, in the digital marketing world. What are the most important takeaways from the latest web news? Index rounds up the 6 most important digital news stories that you can’t afford to miss this week!

Psychology & Link Building Strategy: 21 Cognitive Biases

Search Engine Journal, in this article, draws a line between human psychology and SEO link building strategies. In effect, understanding human beings in all their complexity, with their prejudices and preconceived ideas, would benefit and improve your SEO strategy. Confirmation bias, anchoring, and what’s known as “curse of knowledge” are all psychological phenomena you could use to your advantage in your link building strategy.

Google Officially Launches the “More Results” Button for Mobile

As part of its mobile-first approach, Google has announced the launch of the “More results” button, which replaces the “Next” button. This measure will load more organic results before paid results. Available for all Google app users on iOS, Android devices, and most mobile browsers.

Gmail: Moving Toward Major Updates

It looks like a wind of change is blowing through Google. The Dogfood version, ready to be tested internally at Google, would bring major changes in design, shortcuts, and display lists for email. Google I/O is scheduled for May 8. the official media launch must surely be very soon…

Instagram Launches “Focus” to Upgrade Your Portraits

Focus, Instagram’s new feature, will create a special focal point in an image by contrasting it with a blurry background. Available today as part of the update for iPhone 6S and up, as well as a few select Android phones.

Facebook & Cambridge Analytica: Current State of Affairs

Search Engine Land presents in this article a summary of the situation following Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before the US Congress. Interesting point: nothing new about the fact that Facebook has always had issues concerning the protection and security of user data. In the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook will have to make real changes to remain the dominant player among marketing channels!

Too Many Ads Are Killing Advertising: 4 Strategies to Fix Ad Fatigue

Users are becoming more aware of and more informed about paid advertising on Google, Facebook, and other networks. It’s tricky…  How can you avoid wearing out your welcome among users in terms of paid campaigns? The best way is to show relevant content in the least intrusive way possible. To do this, PPC Hero suggests using frequency capping and Facebooks’s list of personas, among other tips.


We’ll be back next week with a new edition of the digital news with Index. In the meantime, “Stay Connected!”